Skully | Review in 3 Minutes

5 aug. 2020
18 053 Weergaven

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KC Nwosu reviews Skully, developed by Finish Line Games.
Skully on Steam:
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  • 45 seconds in and I'm sold.

    Yondu_UdontaYondu_Udonta21 dag geleden
  • This game is borderline a rage game. The game in and of itself is fun but that fun is sucked away by bad physics and the camera, and some graphical errors. There are not many games I have walked away from without completing but the second there was a chase level, in game with so many problems, I put down the controller and cased it. I may try to play it again later but it is shelved for now. This game is 2/10. O-O

    gamer708886gamer70888626 dagen geleden
  • Doesn’t look great

    Def HeadDef HeadMaand geleden
  • 30 bucks for an 8 hour game with no replayability value? No thanks.

    Corey MartinCorey MartinMaand geleden
  • I like the aesthetic and the mechanics cool game

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproMaand geleden
  • Appreciate your reviews. Quick and to the point and review indy and under the radar games!

    Jason WIlsonJason WIlsonMaand geleden
  • The golem should be named Boulder. The title of the game could be Boulder and Skully

    FwdFwdMaand geleden
  • 1:35 groovy

    Petra - wir uns kennenlernenPetra - wir uns kennenlernenMaand geleden
  • Having some of the same camera problems with God of war 4, really on walls it either goes out in the opposite direction or clips through the wall and you see through the wall, this is why I tend to favor first person.

    Zippydsm LeeZippydsm LeeMaand geleden
    • @Halcyonacoustic depends on how you process perspective, I can't drive and third person games can be jarring, first person I can process and remember where most things behind me are. I am fcked my brain is wired backwards, dyslexia FTW! LOL

      Zippydsm LeeZippydsm LeeMaand geleden
    • First person doesn't work well for platformers like this, especially not marble games.

      HalcyonacousticHalcyonacousticMaand geleden
  • Could you guys do a 3 minute review on CrossCode? It's been out for like a month now and it's really good!

    PewPew_McPewsterPewPew_McPewsterMaand geleden
  • Ah 30$ for a okay game? I'll wait for now, It looks okay but after hearing the platforming is kind of blah, ah I'll wait for a few patchs to fix things up. Thank you sir

    Thicc RandyThicc RandyMaand geleden
    • @Slangens I'd pay $20. Can't knock them for setting the price what they think it's worth, though. The marketing is good. The trailer looks sick and the voice talent is strong.

      HalcyonacousticHalcyonacousticMaand geleden
    • Often the yay or nay factor for the games covered here - 30 bucks for a game that is probably worth 15 in regular terms, no thanks

      SlangensSlangensMaand geleden
  • I really like how straight to the point these reviews are, but sometimes, they can feel oh so harsh..!

    KitTheKatKitTheKatMaand geleden
    • KitTheKat ok

      Ckinggaming 2.ckingCkinggaming 2.ckingMaand geleden
    • ​@Ckinggaming 2.cking It feels like you're just bashing the character design for no reason while my comment was not about that. I did not understand the need to post something like that under my comment. If you dislike the character design, that's perfectly fair of you, but I simply don't see the connection with my comment about the reviews and yours about the character design. Take a look at Spamus' reply above yours. They were talking about how they liked the fact these reviews where picky because so are they, and it helps them find games they enjoy! He also talks about how the different reviewers have different style, some trying to be more critical while others trying to find the positive aspect in the games they play. Again, relevant to my comment about the reviews. My point in asking you what was your point was simply to understand why you went on a rant about character design when I was talking about reviews ^^

      KitTheKatKitTheKatMaand geleden
    • KitTheKat my point is that I’m just saying that Stuff about character design,it’s relevant to your comment and the video,whats your point in saying “Your point?” To me

      Ckinggaming 2.ckingCkinggaming 2.ckingMaand geleden
    • @Ckinggaming 2.cking Your point?

      KitTheKatKitTheKatMaand geleden
    • KitTheKat you know,the character design part is mostly true,Wanda and ???(air element) have a worse character design than Terry,Wanda has 2nd place best character design from all I have seen

      Ckinggaming 2.ckingCkinggaming 2.ckingMaand geleden
  • Gaaaah!!! Why couldn't they just make a 3d decapattack!!!! Fyuck

    Kiezer SozeKiezer SozeMaand geleden
  • i got this game. its fun. I agree with you. its overly frustrating. for a 2020 game i felt it wasnt up to standards with its graphics, aesthetics, and gameplay.

    BurnHeartGamesBurnHeartGamesMaand geleden
  • looks awful lmao. You'll never see this win any awards

    Scotty WingnutScotty WingnutMaand geleden
    • @Halcyonacoustic very true. If hes only playing award winning games, hes depriving himself of some of the most fun and beloved franchises. Crash bandicoot, jak and daxter, trails of cold steel, etc.

      Corey MartinCorey MartinMaand geleden
    • There's some middle ground between award winning and garbage...

      HalcyonacousticHalcyonacousticMaand geleden
  • Eeeep, $30 for that!?

    Robert AmannRobert AmannMaand geleden
    • @The Jovian and people have a right to criticize the price. If the quality didnt matter in price than why are some brands more expensive than others brands with the same output and staff size? The answer is that they justify it by the quality.

      Corey MartinCorey MartinMaand geleden
    • @Corey Martin I never said people SHOULD buy anything. I'm saying people have the right to set whatever price they want. $30 for a fully realized, original, 3d platformer made by an indie studio is more than fair but you are under no obligation to buy it. Just don't be a dick about how people set their prices. They gotta eat too.

      The JovianThe JovianMaand geleden
    • @The Jovian that doesnt mean people should have to buy it. You dont get to dictate how other people spend their money and what the qualifiers are. As much as you as want to think of yourself as caring person, your thought process is very dictator-like.

      Corey MartinCorey MartinMaand geleden
    • @Corey Martin no, things are meant to be priced according to the value of materials and labour. If a lot of people worked for a long time on this, they need to be compensated. It's as simple as that.

      The JovianThe JovianMaand geleden
    • @The Jovian its still 8 hours. You pay for quality, not for effort. This is a business....not necessarily for feelings of rewarding people because they tried their best. If you think otherwise, i have a ton of stuff I can make you instead of you buying it from regular stores. Lots of effort....but you may not like the quality.

      Corey MartinCorey MartinMaand geleden
  • I miss the days were indie games would be like $5-$15 on PC, now they are all $30.

    PaxtezPaxtezMaand geleden
    • just get it on igg games ?

      NocturnalState OfMindNocturnalState OfMindMaand geleden
    • @Dunar Solid Oh again, I understand, and I don't blame them. But you can miss something while still understanding why it is gone.

      PaxtezPaxtezMaand geleden
    • @Dunar Solid Scale is a thing tho, the more complex the more it costs. The only upside is indie devs may try to fix a game were as a few month after launch a normal AAA game is done, it may get new content but no more bug/optimization stuff. Subscription games are a diff animal tho you spend 150$ a year on a game it better keep churning stuff out LOL.

      Zippydsm LeeZippydsm LeeMaand geleden
    • @Paxtez Buy what you can directly and use key sites for the rest, the industry as a whole shut down the used trade market and until we have first sale doctrine rights in the digital landscape things are only going to get worse.. mind you of my 700 a month disability I gt I have 5-20$ or 200ish a year to buy anything....

      Zippydsm LeeZippydsm LeeMaand geleden
    • Game development in general got more expensive

      Dunar SolidDunar SolidMaand geleden
  • Im getting crash bandicoot wrath of cortex vibes with the elementals all vying for controller and more platform based boss battles

    Nicholas FrontierNicholas FrontierMaand geleden
  • Glad to hear I’m not alone with having troubles with the platforming aspect of this game. So far I only heard people who call the game east.. while I died around 30 times on lvl 2 (ok 20 of them in one area where I kept failing a platform section)

    Steam Curator: Missi the Achievement HuntressSteam Curator: Missi the Achievement HuntressMaand geleden
  • I'm Alone 😍😥

    Brittany AvilaBrittany AvilaMaand geleden
    • Thats good~ means you dont have to share your game time with anyone~

      raditzaceraditzaceMaand geleden
  • This is just discount Knack babyyyyyyyyh

    Eriko. OyEriko. OyMaand geleden
    • Eriko. Oy Just gimme Knack III already!

      Prince GroovePrince GrooveMaand geleden
    • Seriously though this game looks like it's got more heart and a more of a clear vision for what they wanted to make

      Quentin ElsQuentin ElsMaand geleden
  • ok, i'm sold.

    Axa D BajryAxa D BajryMaand geleden
    • Yeah the 3 minute reviews are really good like that. Me: eh, I'll pass. You: sold!

      Gawan KingGawan KingMaand geleden